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CREV is a recommendation system for establishing trust in open-source code.

Cargo-crev is the review system for Rust crates on crates.io.

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Crev Vision

Crev is a scalable, social, distributed Code REView and recommendation system that we desperately need for establishing trust in Open Source code.
At its core Crev defines a simple, human-readable data format to communicate trust in code (results of code review) and people (reputation).


Cargo-crev is a cryptographically verifiable code review system for the cargo (Rust) package manager.

It is open source on GitHub: https://github.com/crev-dev/cargo-crev

It is a CLI program that is installed and runs locally on the developer computer.

Read the Getting Started Guide

It is recommended to always verify the trustworthiness of each of the dependencies in your Rust project.

There can be hundreds of transient dependencies. Do you trust them all?

Simply run $ cargo crev verify in your Rust project folder.

Find out what other developers have to say about a crate. And especially a specific version of a crate.

Write your review of a crate you trust and help other developers to trust that crate.


This web page Rust code reviews is built to enable all developers to view crev reviews fast and effortlessly.
There is no installation, initialization, authentication or learning needed. It is just a simple web page.
The main goal is to simply show the list of reviews for a crate.
Other functionality is secondary and will be gradually upgraded.
Use the links to lib.rs, crates.io and other websites for additional information.
And use the locally installed cargo-crev for your work, verify your dependency and write code reviews.
Try it!

badges badge

Include a badge to your crate readme.md to show the count of crev reviews.
The more reviews the crate has, more trusted it should be.
It is also a link to your crate reviews here on Rust code reviews.
Markdown code (Click to Copy):

[![crev reviews](https://web.crev.dev/rust-reviews/badge/crev_count/reader_for_microxml.svg)](https://web.crev.dev/rust-reviews/crate/reader_for_microxml/)

See example here: https://github.com/bestia-dev/reader_for_microxml/

web of trust

This webpage shows all reviews from all developers.
But do you personally trust all developers?
New crev reviews can be written by anybody and published publicly on GitHub.
From there they are available to all.
We need a system to trust this persons to trust their reviews.
cargo-crev let you create a list of trusted persons.
But we personally only know a limited number of trusted persons.
To make this circle bigger we need more people to trust.
When we trust somebody for reviews, we usually also trust their choices to trust other people.
So we can transiently trust also them. A little less, but still trust them.
This is an important part of the web of trust.
It is common in every day life that the friends of our friends are probably also our friends.
This can be configured in your local personal cargo-crev CLI program.

CREV - Rust code reviews - Raise awareness

Add this text to your project's readme.md (Click-to-Copy):

other links and references

Cargo-crev was Crate of the Week on This Week in Rust 27 OCT 2021. Thanks llogiq.

Rust Zürisee, April: cargo crev and cargo audit 1,219 views•May 1, 2020

See https://github.com/crev-dev/cargo-crev/wiki/Howto:-Create-Review-Proofs wiki page for more information

and Frequently Asked Questions, or join https://gitter.im/dpc/crev discussion channel.

The VSCode extension crates from serayuzgur helps choosing the version of dependencies in Cargo.toml. It has also the function "Check reviews" that opens the review page for the dependency crate on web.crev.dev. Thanks serayuzgur!


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