Rust crates reviews

Cryptographically verifiable, distributed dependency reviews

Your personal reviews

Your personal reviews are the most important.

You want to know that the dependencies your program is using are not malicious or unsound.

Ideally, you want to personally review every crate in you dependencies.

If you have a boss, he will sooner or later ask you to show your reviews for all that dependencies.

With the application cargo_crev_reviews you have a basic tool to do that.

Write cargo-crev reviews in a Graphical User Interface with a cross-platform app written in full-stack Rust.

Install cargo_crev_reviews in Linux or WSL on Windows:

$ cargo install cargo_crev_reviews

Go to a Rust project directory where the Cargo.toml file is, and start the program:

$ cd ~/rustprojects/your-project-name
$ cargo_crev_reviews

and follow the simple instructions...

Watch a short video on youtube:

Inspect the open source code on github:

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Open source repository for this web app: https://github.com/bestia-dev/cargo_crev_web/