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People of Rust

I think it is important to recognize who are the People of Rust.

Yes, in the end we must trust only the code that we are compiling in our project.

But that is a tough goal.

Pragmatically, there are some points where we must just decide to trust or not to trust.

Do we trust the Rust compiler that it will not build something that we didn't want?

I suppose we trust it. If not the story ends here.

Do we trust the source of the Rust compiler where we download it?

I suppose we trust it. If not the story ends here.

Do we trust the people that write code for the Rust compiler?

I suppose we trust them. If not the story ends here.

There is not only the Rust compiler. There is the standard library, the crates.io, the official tooling,...

My conclusion is that we trust the official stuff/staff of Rust. Do we?

The same authors of official Rust products, they have also personal projects. Do we trust them?

I trust them, because they are real known people with a good reputation.

Sure their code can have bugs and flaws, but the person behind it is responsible and with integrity.

He/she has demonstrated in his/her work that they are trustworthy.

I don't know this people personally, but I see their work, their presentations on conferences, their presence in discussions.

People are delicate beings. I don't intend to show disrespect or offend nobody. My intentions are good.

Please help me to make a list of people that are well known in the Rust community and help us noobs to trust them.

The sort order is just how I found them around the internet.

I will not copy here all the names I found. There is a lot of people out there.

I will add only people I personally recognize from discussions, projects and conference videos and that I think they could be important for the cargo-crev project and the web-of-trust.

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